Drink & Think: Practical Wine Tasting (Introductory Reds)

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Hi Everyone!

I'm partnering with Jones Street Wine to offer Saturday classes going forward!  It's a small shop in the West Village with a highly-curated offering of wines.  Joel, the owner, does a fantastic job of finding great, well-priced wines.  But don't take my word for it - come in and taste them (blind) for yourself!

Our first class will focus on describing and identifying the 4 major red wine styles so people can learn how to express their preferences when buying wine.  We're working on putting together a class on white wines and specific regions, so look for more classes soon.

Check out Jones Street Wine online: http://www.jonesstreetwine.com


Can you answer the questions:
    •    What style of wine do you like?
    •    Do you prefer expensive wines or are inexpensive wines just as good?
    •    Do you like off-dry wines? Wines that are tannic or soft?

Forget about the endless list of unpronounceable wine regions and obscure grapes. Just pay attention to what's in your glass. Learn to identify the key elements used to describe wine and develop your personal wine preferences.

We'll taste 4 wines blind - not knowing the type or price - so students can focus on how the wine tastes without preconceived notions about what it should taste like. We'll discuss the different characteristics of each wine and compare how different people experience the same wine. At the end of class, we'll reveal the wines and their prices so students can see how their preferences played out across specific wines.

Please note that the class fee goes towards purchasing supplies as the price includes 5 wines (4 red + 1 sparkling), tasting snacks (bread, cheese, meat & olives) and Drink & Think handout to take home with you.  Must be 21+


“This class was fantastic! Michael is a great teacher and host; I loved the intimate setting. The class is about discovering what you like; the blind tasting really allows you to explore your preferences without preconceived notions that might influence your perception. A fantastic sensory experience, cannot recommend enough!”  ~ Renata Sotomayor

“Michael's wine tasting class was phenomenal. His knowledge and experience with wine is extensive, and his ability to distill complicated tasting concepts and terms into everyday language makes this class accessible to everyone. I'd recommend this class to anyone interested in appreciating wine.” ~ Peter Boyce

“An excellent class for the novice wine drinker looking to expand their knowledge and discover their personal palette. The class was very intimate and unpretentious making for a delightful learning experience. Michael was very inviting and always willing to offer up his abundance of knowledge on all aspects of wine drinking, from useful descriptive terminology to the appropriate etiquette for ordering wine on those nights when you're really trying to impress. Also, a great class to tryout with a few friends.” ~ McKenneth Scott III

“From the warm glow of the lighting and the welcoming ambiance, Michael instantly made you feel welcomed in his cosy space. The amount of people (8 in all) was just right for an evening of tasting and conversing. Michael's clear and playful teaching manner as he presented 5 wines to taste was well thought out but not forced or formal. As this was a class for the novice (and novice I am) it was a great introduction to the nuances and terminology of tasteful and surprisingly inexpensive wines. I'd recommend his class to any friend.”  ~ Carolyn Krienke

“Michael was an extraordinary host and instructor. Who thought that drinking and learning about wine could be such a fun experience. Michael provided material and exercises which encouraged active participation. After taking the class, I'll be more able to make an educated choice on my wine selection. Thanks again for the great class!”  ~ Drew Tempelmeyer

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