DIY Sous Vide Cooking: Make the juiciest steak ever

, Lead Engineer at ADstruc, former product at fridge

If you want to make food like all those chefs in fancy gastro restaurants, then set up shop in your tiny studio kitchen and outsmart the commercial $2K sous vide for a scrappy, dangerous looking, deliciously-tender-and-perfect-steak-producing one you'll build yourself.

In this class, you'll learn how to seal your food in vacuum bags, create a temperature controlled water bath to cook the food in, and ultimately whip up an out-of-this-world meal of perfectly cooked edge-to-edge medium rare steak.

Class will be a combo of demonstration and hands-on participation, including learning how to solder (tools provided). At the end of the class, everyone will get to sample a variety of steaks cooked sous vide. FYI: you will not walk away with your own sous vide set-up, but you will get a shopping list and instructions for building your own (a feat which you'll be able to accomplish for approx. $100 - compared with the normal price of ten times that amount). 

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  • DIY Sous Vide Cooking

    Private Kitchen in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

    Students will receive an email with the location
    Brooklyn, NY

    • I'll explain: What is sous vide cooking and how does it work?
    • Hands on introduction to soldering and electronic wiring (you'll each get your own take-home set!)
    • From pouch to plate - finishing and plating (and eating!) your sous vide steak
    Sat, August 4th, 2012

    11:30 am - 1:30 pm EDT

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Andrew Shults

Lead Engineer at ADstruc, former product at fridge

A lifetime tinkerer, Andrew combined his passions for building things and cooking to get involved with the world of sous vide cooking the DIY way. Ever since, he's been impressing his friends with perfectly cooked steaks, poultry and fish.

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