Composting in Small Spaces

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Composting is easy, fun, and a science experiment right in your own apartment! NYC Residents  throw away 4,000 pounds of precious, compostable material every day. You can make an enormous environmental impact composting your food waste and telling your friends all about it. Join us at 61 Local, a public house that celebrates hyper-local food, drink, art, and flowers. We're so honored to teach in this gorgeous old carriage-house, home to a community that values urban agriculture and local artisans.

This class is for you if:
  • You’ve tried composting on your own, but it didn’t work for you
  • You’re looking for another way to reduce your carbon footprint
  • You have a vegetable garden and want to make some ‘black gold’
  • You cook a lot, generate a lot of food scraps, and you’re sick of taking out stinky garbage.
  • You want to teach your kids about the lives of red wrigglers and the wonderful world of compost
  • You want to know how composting could save the planet

What does this Composting Class Cover?
This workshop will introduce the science behind compost, why compost is important, and how compost works in practice.
Participants will learn:
  • the life cycle of compost and the necessary science to keep a healthy, fly-free, earthy-smelling compost bin
  • why food does not decompose in landfills and how it is contributing to climate chaos
  • how to build your own compost bin: while this class focuses on small scale indoor bins, we will show you how to build an outdoor bin as well
  • how to work with worms and vermicomposting as well as bokashi
  • the two biggest compost mistakes people make and how to address them
  • how to connect to composting resources in your community
  • what you can do with your compost

We will bring three different small-scale compost bin demonstrations for you to poke around and see which is the right method for you. You will leave knowing exactly how to build and maintain a simple compost bin that will suite your lifestyle.
  • Composting in Small Spaces


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Stacey Murphy

Founder BK Farmyards

Stacey is the founder of bk farmyards - a collective of urban farmers dedicated to the expansion of agricultural production and social justice in Brooklyn - and has led efforts in the design and implementation of 5 new farms in Brooklyn. As a farmer and teacher, Stacey has been featured in national media like Family Circle, Martha Stewart Radio, and the David Letterman Show. She has been teaching sustainable urban farming techniques for 3 years to people of all ages including a groundbreaking new year-round high school Go Green class that takes place at the Youth Farm. Stacey has also taught architecture and design at the University of Michigan.

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