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Wonder why your steamed broccoli never turns out bright green? Or why cooked beets will dye your fingers red, but not roasted peppers? Should you use different dressings for red and green lettuce? (Hint: yes)

Color is a huge part of what makes food appealing. But it can be tricky getting your naturally colored dishes to come out with vibrant hues-- colors can bleed, fade, or turn brown without warning. This class will cover the basics of how pigments in plant foods work, and how to bring each color in the spectrum in your own recipes. Three tasty, colorful recipes will be demonstrated, and then subsequently devoured by hungry students. Students will sample and snack, ask colorful questions and leave with a packet of color-rich recipes. This class is for inquisitive cooks at all skill levels.

  • Colorful Cooking


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    The first half of class, I'll give a talk introducing you to the four groups of molecules that give plant foods their color. You'll learn how to tell them apart, how they'll behave in the kitchen and how to put this information to use in your own recipes.

    In the second part of class I will be preparing three colorful recipes. Students will have a chance to taste, chat, ask questions, and see wonderous color-changing molecules at work.


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Cook, blogger & card-carrying food nerd

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