Build a Gingerbread Brownstone

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Gingerbread houses don't have to be just tacky gumdrop-crusted kitch. Learn how to make a gorgeous New York brownstone entirely out of gingerbread!  Students will get a complete introduction to shaped and embossed gingerbread construction. And you'll even learn fancy pastry secrets for how to get a sturdy construction (hint: it involves fire!)  During class, each student will shape and decorate the walls for their own gingerbread brownstone and they'll leave class with everything they need to bake and assemble it at home. 

  • Build a Gingerbread Brownstone


    Coming soon...

    • Demo of rolling, cutting and embossing gingerbread pieces
    • Hands-on work with students to create their own gingerbread pieces
    • Demo of putting a gingerbread house together, using both traditional and non-traditional techniques
    • Demo of making cornets and piping royal icing for decoration
    • Hands-on practice piping royal icing 

    Coming Soon...

Renee Baumann

Cook, blogger & card-carrying food nerd

Check out the gingerbread brownstone that started it all here:

And the following gingerbread madness that ensued:

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