, Studio Artist at Judy Motzkin Studio

Baking No Knead Bread

One session:

Mixing the dough, discussion of variations

Rising 12-18 hours, simulated a la Julia Child

Forming the loaf

Heating the pot

Baking the bread

Eating the bread

Making a dough to finish at home *

Learn how to make  delicious bread in a heated pot using the simple no knead method. Learn this method and  you will always be less than a day away from great crusty bread. I will demonstrate each stage of the process. Mix, wait 12-18 hours (we will pretend, julia child style), rise, preheat, bake, and eat. I will give you a recipe so basic you will never have to look it up. You may choose to mix a dough (*small fee for ingredients) to finish at home the next day. Teach a man to fish...You will have this skill forever.

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Judith Motzkin

Studio Artist at Judy Motzkin Studio

Judy Motzkin is a ceramic artist in who works in Cambridge. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally and is in the permanant collections of the Boston MFA, Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, Danforth and Crocker Art Museum. She has designed the BreadPot for baking no knead bread and loves to share the method. She loves Introducing people this simple, demystified hands on back to basics approach and makes a mean Russian Rye.  Baking bread and working with clay, are kindred processes.

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