Bitters and Beyond: be your own favorite bartender

, Co-Founder, Hella Bitters

We’ll discuss simple technique and what one needs to keep in mind when designing a drink, from concept to execution.

Mixology Schmixology

  1. Demystifying the craft behind great drinks. You will never replace your favorite bar by making drinks at home but you can make equally interesting and delightful concoctions on your own.
  2. Bitters?! What are they exactly and how do they enhance your favorite spirit? Thinking about cocktails the way you think about food and wine. Complementary/Contrasting flavors. Balance.
  3. The structure of a cocktail. More does not equal better. Ingredient hierarchy. Building a drink at home. Simple rules and techniques to live by. What are the basics you need for your home bar.

This is casual, hands-on approach to making drinks for yourself and friends. We’ll spend a lot of time talking about the process behind making a drink. Why drink making is far from a perfect science. We’ll also get into the various tools and ingredients you’ll need to be successful.

A love and interest in all things consumable!


the cost of the class include a bottle of Hella Bitters, a $20 value

This event is made possible ny New York Mouth

  • Bitters and Beyond: be your own favorite bartender


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Tobin Ludwig

Co-Founder, Hella Bitters

Tobin Ludwig has been mixing drinks in New York for over 5 years. He is a Co-founder of Hella Bitter, a Brooklyn based craft bitters company. He does cocktail consultation and design for private events and spirit brands. Currently he can be found behind the bar at Fedora in the West Village where he’d love to make you a drink.

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