Beyond Bartending 101: Techniques & Tips for the Creative Process

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Do you love making cocktails at home? Own your own tools but can't seem to master the technique? (Tools are not required to take this class) Need the inspiration to start creating cocktails on your own?

There is often a substantial gap between techniques taught in Introduction to Bartending courses and what you see being practiced in your favorite cocktail bars. This course attempts to bridge that gap, by giving hands-on practice and addressing the basic concepts behind cocktail creation.

The class comprises three sections:

1) Level the playing field: Basic introduction to tools and tool function.

2) Technique: Tutorial on stirring, shaking, swizzling, breaking the seal, followed by student practice session.

3) Cocktail composition: Introduction to the concept of balance, the vocabulary to define what you want and what you're making, techniques to help you create and replicate cocktails.

Tools will be provided. We will taste several cocktails. This is 21+, so please have ID on hand!

  • Beyond Bartending 101: Techniques & Tips for the Creative Process


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April Wachtel

Wearer of many hats

April is a recent transplant from Boston where she bartended for the past decade. She worked in a range of venues, from fine dining restaurants to cocktail bars, and was featured as a Bartending Iconoclast on The Sundance Channel in 2010. During her time in Boston, April simultaneously cultivated a passion for education. She merged her two passions and founded a peer-to-peer learning group called the Boston Bartenders Collaborative. April moved to New York in 2011, and spent her first year in New York bartending at Lani Kai, a modern tropical cocktail bar in Soho, and Lot 2, a farm-to-table restaurant in Brooklyn. April teaches cocktail classes at The Astor Center, and is honored to represent Bacardi Rum as Brand Master Apprentice for New York. You can find her drinking and talking about rum in bars throughout the city.

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