Base Basics - What's in a Flavor?

, Assistant Buyer at Saks 5th Avenue

Have you ever wondered why your stir fry doesn't taste like your favorite Chinese restaurant's? Why that guacamole seems just a little flat? Or what the heck goes into Indian food that makes it taste so unique?

With this class you'll learn the basics of different flavor profiles from around the world. You'll be more Italian than Lidia, more Southern than Paula Deen (minus the fried butter balls), and understand what makes Chopped judge Maneet Chauhan's Latin-Indian fusion cuisine so remarkable.

Specific flavors to be covered include:

  • Indian
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Puerto Rican
  • Chinese
  • Southern

Students will leave class with the confidence and know-how to wow your friends and family with global flavors as though you had spent months cooking around the world!

Taste testing will, of course, be heavily encouraged!

Note: Materials and ingredients will be provided. No previous cooking experience necessary.

  • Base Basics - What's in a Flavor?


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Alexandra Rose

Assistant Buyer at Saks 5th Avenue

Food-obsessed half-Puerto Rican Texan living in Boston. I've been cooking and traveling for as long as I can remember, which gives me first-hand knowledge of the flavor profiles I will be teaching you. Cooking definitely runs in my family: my dad was a cook on a Mississippi River boat in the 60s, my half-brother is a chef, and my mom is just an amazing cook.

If you're curious about the things I cook, check me out at Spaghetti in Heels!
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