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This is not a bartending school for those who aspire to enter the industry, though the knowledge you acquire will certainly be of that standard. If you’ve wanted to entertain and impress friends at home with a few choice drinks, know why your martini doesn’t taste quite as good as the one you had at that other bar, broaden your drinking horizons or simply treat yourself to your favourite manhattan in the comfort of your own home then you’ve come to the right place.

Jaime and Dael have almost two decades of bar experience between them in bars all over the world. A small class of only 15, in a fully-functioning bar with both of them on hand provides the perfect platform to pick up the basics of bartending.

  • What is a jigger?
  • What is the difference between a Hawthorne, a julep and a fine strainer?
  • What ingredients should be used first?
  • Which cocktails should be stirred, and which shaken?

With this knowledge along with the opportunity to observe and then make your own cocktail behind the bar you’ll gain the foundations of good bartending. Don’t forget you’ll also be drinking the results of your own handy work so please have ID on hand!

  • Bartending 101


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Gentlemen Loafers
Jaime Felber has spent the past decade working with food and drink. Driven by a simple passion for food and drink, and for the creativity and interactive nature of the nightlife profession, Jaime has worked in a range of venues - from 2,000 person night clubs to international award winning cocktail bars in both London and New York. James Frankhouse is an accomplished member of the New York Bartending community gaining respect from all that taste his concoctions. Through the experience of being a well-traveled skateboarder, James has had the opportunity to visit and learn about the alcohol culture of various Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as gain an extensive knowledge in the development of American Whiskeys and Bourbons. Through learning about these spirits, James has become obsessed with mixology and cocktail innovation while holding great respect and admiration for classic cocktails.
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