The Envelope Accordion with pop-ups: put greeting cards to shame!

, Bookmaking Made Simple!

Tired of giving a garden-variety Hallmark cards for a special occasion? Looking for a way to win points for effort with a hand-made card/gift? Want to create something unique in which to give or store photos or notes? Or just feeling crafty?

The envelope accordion book is a simple structure, a book made from envelopes, that inspires creativity when it's finished. Since it contains numerous pockets, the finished book is a beautiful repository for cards or letters; coupons; photographs; newspaper articles; hair clippings; bits of thread and ephemera; etc. It can be hung from a wall, stored in a bookshelf, displayed on a mantelpiece. It's something that you give to a friend or loved one, already filled; it's something that you and a partner can fill together as an ongoing project. It’s a really satisfying little structure!  See images on my Pinterest board here.

In this class, I'll teach you to make an envelope accordion book with a ribbon o-ring closure (like a belt from the 70s). Then I’ll teach you several simple bookmaking techniques as you make a few smaller books and cards to put inside. You’ll leave with:

  • an envelope accordion book;
  • several single-sheet books (the perfect rainy-day activity if you are ever around kids – or even if not);
  • one or two basic pop-ups;
  • and, hopefully, the desire to make more!

All skill levels are welcome! No experience is necessary, and all materials will be provided. If you have anything in particular you think you might want to keep in your envelope accordion (eg 4x6 photos or mementoes to collage into books or cards) feel free to bring them along, but you can always add those in later.  Please note, this class is intended for teens or adults. If you have a younger child you are really hankering to register, please check in with me via email before doing so.  

And, should you be a teacher or someone who might want to teach this stuff to kids, I can offer you tips on how to do so.

Hope to see you there! Feel free to post questions or email me through my website,

  • The Envelope Accordion with pop-ups: put greeting cards to shame!


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Stephanie Krause

Bookmaking Made Simple!

I'm a book artist (making one-of-a-kind handmade books that I bind, write and illustrate) and art teacher, specializing in teaching kids (and grown-up kids) how to make books - I've been making books since I was little, and I love to share my enthusiasm for them! Although my specialty is book art, I am also an experienced museum and outreach educator for some of NYC's finest cultural institutions, and I have classroom teaching experience as a general art specialist - since getting my masters in art education from RISD in 1997, I've been fortunate to teach in many museums, public and private schools, art centers, and privately. You can check out examples of my work and read more about my teaching practice at my website,

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