Sock Monkey Madness: make yer own!

, Monkey maker

Wouldn't you like to make your very own handmade sock monkey?  

They're remarkably cute and a lot of fun to make.  I'll provide all the materials: red-heeled socks, needles, thread, buttons for eyes, felt, and ribbons.  

Why should you take this class?

  1. Meet like-minded crafty people.
  2. Come away with your very own new sock monkey friend.
  3. Monkeys make an excellent gift.
  4. Finishing a sewing project is extremely satisfying!

Check out some photos from past classes.




No experience required, just an interest in sock monkeys and all the amazingness they entail!
  • Sock Monkey Madness: make yer own!


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    Coming Soon...

Julia Doctoroff

Monkey maker

Julia learned the fine art of monkey making while she was living in Brooklyn. Fresh Art and Etsy Labs were offering a sock monkey making course. She made her first monkey and donated it to Fresh Art to sell to benefit their programs for artists with disabilities. A couple months later, Julia had a lot of time on her hands and made tons of monkeys for friends and family. She spent Obama’s inauguration making a monkey and watching TV, she made them on the subway, and she spread her knowledge to pals at informal monkey making parties. Recently, Julia’s taught several Skillshare monkey classes. She’s a strong believer that anyone can make a monkey, regardless of sewing experience.

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