Salt Lake City: Hand Stitched Pillows with Gentry Blackburn

West Elm and Craft Lake City Present the DIY Workshop Series! March features Gentry Blackburn of Frosty Darling, who will be teaching workshop participants how to hand-stitch their own applique pillow. 

Craft Lake City

Since closing the store, Blackburn says Frosty Darling has been in hiatus. “I think of Frosty Darling as my crafting persona. The label is kind of a gift I gave to myself as I continue on. Crafting is still important to me ... I’ll always want to make things and sew.” This is the world Gentry Blackburn is at home in -- a hand-crafted reality she can define and make her own, imbued with a sense of nostalgia but also uniquely grounded in the uniconic. It gives her a unique vantage point to life that is no less real than any lifestyle or perspective. And it guarantees her work a stamp of approval, a number of quality control and a mark of authenticity, from the marvelously talented artist who you may have known in a previous episode as Frosty Darling. - Ehren Clark 

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