Web Design and Copywriting: Build Insanely Effective Landing Pages With Old School Secrets

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Surpreet Kaur Sains

Surpreet Kaur Sains


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Diana Ecker


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Jess Dang


Class Project

Create a landing page that converts

About the Class

Are you frustrated by the fact that you have an amazing product but have no idea why more people aren’t signing up or buying? 

What can Joe Sugarman, the guy behind Blue Blockers, possibly teach me about building a highly effective landing page for my new iPhone app? How can Gary Halbert, the godfather of Direct Mail Marketing, help me write an amazing email newsletter for my blog? What time tested formula does AppSumo use to sell thousands of dollars of product in one day?

What You'll Learn

  • Speaking the Customer's Language. You'll learn the historical tips for writing engaging copy from tried and true advertising and marketing legends. 
  • Setting the Right Environment to Buy. You'll learn how to construct a visually convincing landing page that will drive viewers into conversions.

What You'll Make

You will walk away with how to build an insanely effective landing page. You'll also know how to fix your current landing page (if you have one), and start to see other landing pages through an entirely different lens.

Bottom line, I guarantee you'll sign up more customers.

If you don't I will buy you lunch at Chipotle.


More Information

Just a browser and some hustle. We’ll be using online mockup tools to build a landing page mockup. No coding required.

Level: Beginner

School: Business

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Web Design, Landing Page Design, Copywriting

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About the Teacher

Jack Zerby

Jack Zerby

Founder and Designer of Flavors.me and Goodsie

I'm the founder and designer of Flavors.me and Goodsie.com. My products have appeared in Forbes, NY Times, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and Time Magazine. I was the former Design Director...

95% Positive Reviews

Will Klassen

Will Klassen

As a small business owner it was very satisfying to have access to such high level insight on effective communications, and applying that first impressions - the landing page. Thanks....

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