Tech Start-up Meet-up: Get Start-ups and Business Ideas Rolling

This isn’t really a class in the traditional sense, or even a class in the Skillshare sense. I’m not going to stand in the front and lecture on a topic or my experiences. Instead this will be all about the participators to do the teaching, learning, and networking.

I created this session to help connect entrepreneurs and new businesses with individuals who want to work for startups, have particular skill set to offer startups, or just want to help spur innovation through new businesses and ideas.

The session will have three main parts:
- A short introduction to reiterate the goals of the session and what you can do to get the most out of it
- Large group forum to discuss topics with the entire class. Topics may include business issues, success stories, general questions, and other topics which are more beneficial in large group discussion.
- Small group round-tables to meet others in a smaller setting. This is the opportunity to network and really meet others who share your interests. We'll cycle through groups until you have more or less met everyone.

What to bring:
- Something to take notes with
- Some business cards or the like with your information to distribute
- Questions, stories, ambitions, or anything else you would like to share/discuss

Also, I'm not pocketing your $6, but using it to supply the class with some food and drinks including beer!

  • Tech Start-up Meet-up: Get Start-ups and Business Ideas Rolling


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    Coming Soon...

Joe Manganelli

I believe the key to improving society and having a healthy economy is innovation. And the strongest driving forces behind innovation are great ideas that become businesses. I am putting together this session (and hopefully future ones) to provide catalysts for great ideas to create new businesses which then spur innovation.

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