Systematic Opportunity Analysis

We'll cover the eight sources of innovation that Peter Drucker identifies in his book, "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" in order to systematically teach people how to identify an event that is representative of an underlying change that leads to an endless amount of opportunities. That's of course only if the change is substantial enough. This is where the systematic approach comes in: how can you know if the idea you're chasing is truly a great opportunity and provides an easy pivot point for you to change gears and try something else? This approach will teach you what you should be looking for and how to exploit change and design something truly innovative based on the meaning you generate with your product/service.

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  • Systematic Opportunity Analysis


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Phil Ross

Have taken 4 courses on identifying opportunities and going through the innovative design process in order to create a product that derives its value from meaning rather than utility. President of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club at Binghamton University. 

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