Study Session: Validating Your Startup Idea

, Product Manager at Skillshare

How do you know if your startup idea is worth pursuing and quitting your job for? Think you're solving a meaningful problem that people actually care about? Many entrepreneurs don't bother validating their ideas and instead try bootstrapping their idea or immediately try raising money when they think they've pinpointed their "golden idea." Instead, they waste time and resources working on something that was destined to fail in the first place. This study group will be focused on getting outside feedback on your brewing idea.

Pre-class Warm Up:

In-class Interaction:

  • Poke holes and provide constructive criticism of why each idea will or will not work
  • Brainstorm ways to validate your specific idea through existing resources and with little to no initial investment

Post-class Takeaways:

  • Leave loaded up with resources and fresh methods of thinking critically about new ideas.

Class Format: Study Session / Workshop focused on student-led collaboration, not lecture-style teaching. I will act as a facilitator and will come prepared with tips and helpful examples, but you should come prepared to speak your mind and to provide others with feedback!

  • Study Session: Validating Your Startup Idea


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Stephen Yang

Product Manager at Skillshare

Stephen replaces Peter (@badboyboyce) as the new Founder Apprentice at Skillshare (big shoes to fill!). He works with Michael on everything from launching new cities to marketing to operations to community building.

Before Skillshare, Stephen worked at IA Ventures as a summer analyst and at General Assembly helping out with their operations and event & class production. He also studied Environmental Engineering and worked with charity: water and 1BOG before diving head first into the startup world.

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