Study Session: Infusing Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology introduced the idea that societies should focus on understanding what makes people more productive and fulfilled instead of simply focusing on eliminating human suffering. The study of positive psychology is based on PERMA: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and purpose, and Accomplishments. During this Study Session we will dig deep into the effects of positive psychology and what Dr. Seligman calls “Flourishing.” We will discuss ways that we can improve our workplace and create internal programs that can increase well-being & productivity!

Pre-Class Exercise:
- For a brief overview on positive psychology, watch Dr. Seligam’s Google Zeitgeist 2010 talk:
- Take Brief Strengths Test (Free Registration)

What We’ll Discuss:
3 areas that positive psychology can be infused in the work environment:
1. Job Design
2. Team Work
3. Transformational Leadership

Class Structure:
This will be a class discussion, I will simply be a study session facilitator! Please come prepared to share your thoughts, experiences and new ideas on the subject.
  • Study Session: Infusing Positive Psychology in the Workplace


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Bruna Maia

Bruna Maia is an independent scholar and a believer in positive psychology. In many ways Bruna has embedded positive psychology in her previous work as President of the grassroots peace-building organization called I Embrace You. Currently, she is working on implementing more of Dr. Seligman’s techniques in Jack Morton’s (brand experience agency) internal program called Jack B Good.
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