Statistics 112: Regression Part 2

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Regression is powerful because you can make predictions using linear models. This is part two of the regression class (Statistics 111: Intro to Regression).

We will be finishing up regression this class, so we should have time to do one live example. This class should lend itself to a project.

Project: As a project you should think about a question you would like to ask/answer using data to make a prediction. Extra credit for someone who brings in data that we can analyze in real-time.

  • Statistics 112: Regression Part 2


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Joaquin Roca

I help startups gracefully scale human systems

I taught statistics to college psychology majors for years at Hunter College (see my teacher ratings here) and also a class on data-based consulting and applied research to MS students at Baruch. I have also worked at AMEX and Pfizer running statistical analyses for their training departments. If you have two groups of friends, I can absolutely tell you if one is (statistically) significantly taller than the other.

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