Statistics 111: Intro to Regression

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You have probably seen the descriptions for the other stats 100 series courses I have put up here. Regression is probably going to be the most interesting class of the bunch so far. It will be taught in two parts. You need to have an understanding of the basic stuff I have gone over to get this course; correlation, especially.

Regression is where you start to make some powerful predictions. This class will go over simple regression. We might get to start to look at multiple regression if we move quickly. There will be a second regression class to look at the stuff we don't get to go over in this first one.

  • Statistics 111: Intro to Regression

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Joaquin Roca

I help startups gracefully scale human systems
I taught statistics to college psychology majors for years at Hunter College (see my teacher ratings here) and also a class on data-based consulting and applied research to MS students at Baruch. I have also worked at AMEX and Pfizer running statistical analyses for their training departments. If you have two groups of friends, I can absolutely tell you if one is (statistically) significantly taller than the other.
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