Revolutionize Your Team II: Problem Solving and Trips to Abilene.

, I help startups gracefully scale human systems

Have you ever taken a long, uncomfortable trip with a group of people only to realize, when it was over, that no one wanted to go in the first place? Unfortunately when we work in groups we take those trips all the time, both literally and figuratively. Being aware of group process can help you avoid trips to Abilene.

In the first class of this series we discussed the basics of group process and models that help us understand group interactions. In this session, you will have the opportunity to take what you have learned about group process and apply it while working on experiential group problem solving tasks. The session will focus on group decision making and problem solving.

Having participated in Revolutionize Your Team I is recommended, though not required.

If you want to learn more about group process, you can click here.

Project: Each student will create their own strategy for improving their team process

1. Prior to the class you should reflect on past group experiences: think about both what worked well and what could have gone better in your team processes

2. Plan of action: in class we will workshop together to identify what can be improved and how we can apply what we learned in the future.

  • Revolutionize Your Team II: Problem Solving and Trips to Abilene.


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Joaquin Roca

I help startups gracefully scale human systems

Joaquin is a group process consultant ( and co-founder of LeaderNation. He has been working with groups and organizations on issues that range from group process to leadership to organization change since 1998. Joaquin has also been adjunct instructor at Baruch College in the MS in I/O Psychology program where he taught classes on creativity and innovation, data-based consulting interventions, organization change, and 360 degree feedback, and is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Social-Organizational psychology at Columbia University. In his spare time Joaquin writes about himself in the third person, sneers at cameras (see above), solves intractable multinational conflicts, and rescues kittens from trees.

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