Minimum Viable Product: Validate Your Startup Idea for Less than 1k

, CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

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Class Project

Define your minimum viable product (MVP)

About the Class

Every entrepreneur has a startup idea they’d like to get off the ground. Gone are the days where you have to spend millions of dollars to find out if your business idea will succeed or fail. Whether you're looking to launch a tech startup or open a new restaurant, enroll in this class if you'd like to learn how to quickly validate your ideas.

In this class, I'll share the secrets behind the early success of Skillshare. We spent less than $5,000 to launch Skillshare and ended up raising over $3.6M. A lot of the early success with Skillshare is directly correlated with talking to users, iterating, and moving fast.

What You'll Learn

  • Communicate Your Idea. I'll define what an MVP is by using Skillshare as an example, then I'll discuss how to develop and communicate your idea with others.
  • Conduct Customer Interviews. You'll find the holes you need to plug based on customer interviews.
  • Build Your MVP. You'll define your MVP and begin setting initial goals.
  • Test Your MVP. You will optimize your MVP and share your plan with your peers.

What You'll Make
You’ll leave this class with a finalized Minimum Viable Product and the skills to define a great MVP for any future venture. You’ll be able to do the following by completing your project: Clearly communicate your startup idea in one sentence Identify the holes in your startup idea and the top 2-3 solutions to plug them Create an action plan with your first five (5) action steps towards validating your startup idea for less than $1,000 Choose one key metric you’ll use to measure success

I've taught this class in-person to hundreds of students. Some of my past students have been featured on Mashable, The Next Web, and have started successful companies. Hope to have many more students that are successful!

More Information

Level: Beginner

School: Business

Related Subjects: Entrepreneurship, Lean Methodology, User Acquisition, Minimum Viable Product, Lean Startup

At a Glance

  • 5 Video Lessons (22m)
  • 8.3K Students
  • 95% Positive Reviews (202)
  • Self-Paced Online Class

About the Teacher

Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Michael Karnjanaprakorn

CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

I'm the CEO/co-founder of Skillshare, which I launched for less than $5,000. Less than 9 months later, I successfully raised over $3.6M from Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital.  P...

95% Positive Reviews

Annie Stookes

Annie Stookes

Some great advice in here, particularly not being intimidated when people point out flaws in your idea or that someone is already doing something similar. I also like the idea of defin...

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