Learn How to Make Your Startup a Socially Good Startup

, COO at Dream Industries

We all are trying to change the world with our startups, however, of course, we don't all run social good startups.
MG will teach you several very specific and straight forward things you can do to make your startup socially good.

This class is being taught as part of the Penny Conference Morning Master Classes. All proceeds from this class will be donated to Pencils of Promise.
Wix Lounge 
Located steps from Union Square, the Wix Lounge is a completely free co-working and event space for creative professionals. Active since 2010, the Wix Lounge is run by Wix.com, a free website publishing platform providing user friendly tools for building beautiful, easy-to-make desktop, mobile, and Facebook sites. The Wix Lounge provides free support to Wix.com users, giving them help and advice for making the ideal website. To learn more about the Wix Lounge, please visit www.wixlounge.com.
Class is targeted to those currently running or working for a startup.

Michael Geer

COO at Dream Industries

Michael Geer cut his teeth with Badoo. During his time there he helped bring Badoo from less than an idea to a global 70 million member network. He left Badoo in July 2010 and is now an advisor to several startups, and Founder of CauseCart - focusing on philanthro-capitalism (social good for-profit). You can follow MG on Twitter: @geeria

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