Launch Your Startup Idea for less than $5,000

, CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

Ever wonder how the founders of Skillshare, Dropbox, and Foursquare got their startups off the ground? Enroll in this Skillshare and walk out with a framework to successfully validate your startup ideas, over and over again. Need more information? Feel free to watch the “Course Introduction” (pw: skillshare).

Format: We believe students "learn by doing with others" so imagine me as a teacher, curator, and facilitator. I've hand-selected different videos (from me and others), reading materials, projects, assignments, and in-person study groups to craft the best learning experience for you as a student. 

Project: Each student will determine their MVP and create an actionable plan to iterate as fast and cheaply as possible to reach product/market fit. The collaborative project in this Skillshare will revolve around:  

1. Conducting Customer Interviews
2. Defining your MVP and Creating an Action Plan

Required: Startup Idea. Also, please budget 5 hours per week to really learn the material in this skillshare. This skillshare is geared towards "doers" and not talkers.
  • Defining your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)


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    Rather than lecturing during the first session, we'll run through an example of how to define your MVP and we'll work through examples together. 

    Pre-Readings (prior to class) 

    Optional Readings (if you want to be an honor roll student) 

    Action Steps (after class) 
    • Conduct 5 customer interviews to find 2-3 biggest holes in your idea.
    • Fill out MVP Worksheet (document will be shared during class) 

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  • Study Group


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    As you're working through your projects, you'll have an opportunity to validate your startup idea and get feedback from fellow students.

    Students will be broken up into groups where they'll meet in-person to workshop together: 

    • Pitch your startup idea to receive feedback
    • Plug holes with solutions and fill out problem/solution document
    • Start defining MVP for less than $5,000
    Action Steps
    • Continue to conduct 5 customer interviews to find 2-3 biggest holes in your idea.
    • Fill out MVP Worksheet (resource will be shared when class starts) 

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn

CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

Michael is the CEO/co-founder of Skillshare, a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone, anywhere. Previously, Michael led the product team at Hot Potato, which was acquired by Facebook, and developed products and services that organized the creative world at Behance Michael is also a Venture Advisor for Collaborative Fund, 2012 TED Fellow, and listed as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2012 by Fast Company. 

Stephen Yang will be the T.A. for this Skillshare. Stephen is currently the Product Manager at Skillshare. Previously, Stephen worked at IA Ventures as a summer analyst and at 1BOG as a community developer. He also studied Environmental Engineering and worked with charity: water before diving head first into the startup world.

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