Lab Series - How to Create and Develop New Killer Business Ideas

, Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

About The Class

The go-to session for anyone looking to become an entrepreneur

business idea (genera)tion noun [] 1. the process of creating new business idea and creatively thinking about solutions to real world needs

ideation formula: passionate ideas + social needs = ideas

Who is this class for?

For everyone who is looking to become an entrepreneur. For everyone who wants to do so but doesn't have an idea. For someone who is looking for a start to the world of start ups and entrepreneurship.

Things Covered

  • exploration of self
  • delving in social needs
  • creation of multiple ideas
  • group discussion about ideas
  • customer development framework

Four Things That Set This Class Apart

  • Air out your concerns and idea - ever wanted an open environment to discuss your idea with other entrepreneurs? This is the place
  • Ideation formula - a proven formula by Franklin's Lab to create new business ideas
  • Customer Development - having an idea is not enough, we must now go out and test whether our idea meets a need!
  • Learn by doing - This not a lecture, but is real hardcore, real world learn by doing experience.You will come out of this having learned something

Things to Bring

An open mind, a smile, and a snack.

The Numbers Behind

35+ participants, 100+ hours of refinement, 6 months in the making, 13 sessions


Ideation was once a part of 'Passion to Prototype' but due to high demand has become its own session.


"Was a great session! Truly made me think!" – Urvashi Arora

"I had an amazing & enlightening experience. Amazing insight great conversation. I can now see my idea come to life!" – Elizabeth Presson

"This was more then a brainstorming session. It was a monsoon! My mind was awakened in all new ways and my business will be the beneficiary of that. I was too excited about my business to sleep that night! Great work!"- A.Rias

What is Lab Series

Lab Series is series of workshops done by Franklin's Lab to help its users take their business ideas further. Please visit

  • Lab Series - How to Create and Develop New Killer Business Ideas


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Rafael Balbi

Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine
I am the founder of Franklin's Lab, a place for entrepreneurs to turn nothing into something. I have worked with several people to help them start their business.If you're looking to learn more about me, check out my feature on wearenytech! I love music, dancing, and fashion.
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