Investing 101: How to Invest Your First $1K

, Hustlin' Harvard Student

Let's talk money.

The economy and financial markets are a facet of our everyday lives, why not learn more about how it all works? Whether it's reading the Wall Street Journal, being interested in technology IPOs, or wanting to start investing for the future, it's good to have a basic background knwoledge of finance and investing.

In this class, I will walk through the very basics of investing your first $1,000, topics such as:

  • Setting up an online brokerage account
  • Discussing the basics of how the stock market works
  • Pros/cons of investing in equities versus other investment classes
  • Basics of fundamental analysis & valuation
  • Reviewing case studies from popular stocks
  • Basics of event/news driven investing
  • Intro on reading financial statements & understanding quarterly reports
Meant to serve as a primer/first stepping-stone, this class will also discuss how to continue your learning with additional resources that will help you start your personal investing career!
Come to class ready to share 1-2 companies you love that are publicly traded (look-up their ticker), and we will work together to discuss.
  • Investing 101: How to Invest Your First $1K


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Peter Boyce

Hustlin' Harvard Student

Peter began his investing career in high school with $1500, buying stocks in the technology companies he was passionate about: Google (GOOG), Intel (INTC), and NVIDIA (NVDA) among them.  

Since then, he as spent summers working on a trading desk at Loews Corporation and most recently at Scoggin Capital, a hedge fund in New York City where he covered consumer retail and technology.

Peter maintains an equity portfolio of technology, financial services, and retail companies, most of which he bought following the financial crisis of 2009 and continues to reinvest in.

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