Hustle 101: Get More Clients & Close More Deals

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This class will get you interacting with potential clients in the same week if you follow my instructions.


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"Awesome skill share! Keep up the great work Lauryn."

- Omar, Student

"It really was an excellent class. Applicable to a lot of areas, not just sales."

- Emily, Student

"Shout out for an awesome and inspiring #skillshare class. @rafael_balbi_jr and I really got a lot out of it!"

- Jonathan, Student

"So excited after tonight's class with @heylaurynbee ....borderline anxiety right now, its crazy how the universe unfolds when you search."

- Rafael, Student

Learning to sell will be the single most important skill you learn in life.

Whether you're looking to launch a start-up, take on more clients or get the job you have always dreamt of, selling is key and there is nothing sleazy about it when you do it right. In fact, we are always selling.

But for many people, even the idea of 'selling' is really intimidating. I constantly hear people say things like:

"I can't find clients for my business. Freelancing is too hard..."

"How do I find customers for my start-up? Who do I reach out to and how?

"How soon can I email a prospect back? One, two, three days?

"I think sales are sleazy. I don't want to be associated with that..."

"How do I write emails to these guys? They're too busy to have time for me..."

"But I'm so young, how are they going to take me seriously?"

Come to this class where I will break down the sales mystery to show you that sales really isn't so mystical after all. In fact, it's totally do-able. It's about hustle, compassion and an ear for creativity.

You can expect:

- Instruction:

- Learn why sales can revolutionize your life if you'll let it in addition to:

- Where to find potential clients

- Why and when you don't have to cold-call

- How to be yourself 100% AND close the deal

- How to pick and choose "great" clients

- Why most people struggle with selling

- How to get away with saying things like "dude" and still close the sale!

And more...

Bring your questions and ideas and a friend! Let's focus on what you need answered the most.

P.S. For every ticket you buy, you can bring ONE friend for FREE. But once we reach our max, that's it so buy early if you want to ensure your spot.

Not what you're looking for? Took this class already? Check out this for a more advanced class or to learn how to sell to the corporate world, go here .

  • Hustle 101: Get More Clients & Close More Deals


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Lauryn Ballesteros

Director, Instigator, Airbnb All Star
Lauryn Ballesteros is a partnership and special sales ninja. She's currently the head of sales for Seth Godin's Squidoo, working with cutting edge companies to help them use sponsorships as an effective marketing tool. By 24 and with no sales experience, she was creating partnerships with multi-million dollar corporations. She swears by authenticity, unmatched hustle, and little bit of luck.
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