How to Think Wrong

, Social Designer / Creative Facilitator

*** Please note, in order for this class to take place, we need a minimum number of 12 particapants. Help spread the word about the workshop. Thanks! ***

Future developed 'How to Think Wrong' for those interested in exploring unique methods in creative problem solving. Designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, students, business professionals, and others, will be exposed to techniques for breaking out of their comfort zone and embrace randomness, chance, and wrong answers to come up with unexpected ideas. The goal for the workshop is to address a problem or issue and come up with a product/campaign based on those unexpected ideas.

The human brain tends to think along pre-determined linear thought pathways. Such linear thinking can inhibit true innovation and creative exploration. 'Thinking wrong' is really about breaking those biases and synaptic pathways to generate a lot of potential solutions before you select and execute one.

Materials for the workshop are included. Pizza will be provided for lunch, or you can bring your own. Full kitchen is available.

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    175 Harvard Ave Princeton by the Sea
    Half Moon Bay, CA

    The day will start with a short introduction on 'thinking wrong', meeting fellow participants, and forming groups. During this time, conversations will be documented for setting our goal(s) for the day.

    A few 'thinking wrong' exercises include Random Word, Sh*t Storm, and Empty your Pockets. This will be set in a rapid, hands-on, Sharpie-marker inspired, Post-It covered, uncensored environment. We encourage pie in the sky ideas, open dialogue, collaboration, plusing, and being excited about the ideas discussed. Please, no party poopers.

    After the workshop, you will be encouraged to bring some of the techniques we covered into your workplace, classroom, or personal projects.

    Marc O'Brien, the instructor of the workshop, will facilitate, guide, and throw many wrenches into conversations. 

    Sat, May 26th, 2012

    10:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT

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Marc O'Brien

Social Designer / Creative Facilitator

Marc is a social designer, nomad, optimist, and cyclist. A part of Project M since June 2009, he's been all over the country pursuing his passion of helping advance projects, organizations, and communities in seeking out and solving new and existing challenges that face us today.

Marc uses his design background to generate and execute projects for the greater good. Along with social entrepreneurship, teaching, and creative collaboration, he facilitates Think Wrong workshops around the world with fellow designers, students, and other engaged individuals. He helps demonstrate different approaches by seeking and solving the new and existing challenges of today.

Marc made a bike out of bamboo and spearheaded the Alabamboo Make and Ride, a 3,000+ mile cross-country bike tour on bicycles made from Alabama-grown bamboo. The Alabamboo initiative is a growing movement to bring sustainable bamboo production to Alabama. He recently finished a bike tour in Iceland. He likes riding bikes.

A multitude of projects he's been associated with have been featured in the NY Times, GOOD magazine, Print magazine, ID magazine, PSFK, and various other design and culture outlets. He's lectured and facilitated numerous workshops at a number of universities and conferences thoughout the country.

GOOD magazine recently posted "Learning to 'Think Wrong' could be the key to the right answers"

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