How to Establish your Minimum Viable Product

The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validating learning about customers with the least effort. It's one of the most important principles of a lean startup.

The focus of this study session will be to discuss and understand the value behind building a MVP and the process of achieving the maximum amount of validated learning.

Class Format:

  • Read Eric Ries' Minimum Viable Product Guide
  • Skim through the video of Eric Ries' talk on Minimum Viable Products
  • Designate a facilitator to lead the collaborative session
  • Discuss, answer, and understand the following questions
  • Work through examples of defining a MVP for your product idea

Additional Resources:

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  • How to Establish your Minimum Viable Product


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Note: this study session will not be teacher-led. Instead, the session will be entirely student-led through interactive collaboration. At the beginning of each study session, make sure to designate a facilitator to lead the collaborative session!
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