Getting Paid in Healthcare: Business Models & Money Flows

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The learning curve in healthcare is steep. Healthcare is an infuriatingly complex industry, with archaic players and mind-numbing regulation. There is a ton to learn and you are dealing with Ph.Ds and MDs. You don’t want to sound off your game with these brainiacs. How can you do this when starting a business? Who has the time?

Take this course and  learn how to navigate the US healthcare system and make money in healthcare. Healthcare is ripe for disruption and there is $2 trillion at your fingertips!

We will address coverage options, payment schedules, pricing models, coding, common myths, and healthcare reform as it relates to payment. By the end of the course, you will understand:

  • how money flows through healthcare   
  • how all of the power players view healthcare startups
  • how to monetize your healthcare startup
  • how healthcare reform will impact your business
  • how to sound like a healthcare expert :)

We will also debunk common myths in healthcare financing.

Sign up now and get ahead of the curve. At the current projections, we will be spending half of our salaries on health expenses in 15 years. Time is not on our side - start today!

  • Getting Paid in Healthcare: Business Models & Money Flows


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Aaron Ginn

Growth Hacker

Aaron Ginn is an entrepreneur and growth hacker. Before joining the digital health movement, he was a healthcare investment banker and led the R&D team. His clients were in all areas of healthcare, from acute care hospitals to health tech companies. He then joined Simplee as lead growth hacker and head of marketing. He has expertise in distribution, user acquisition, and getting paid as an entrepreneur. He is now on his sixth startup.

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Shannon Bergstedt has spent the past three years working to drive both physician and payer adoption for a disruptive healthcare product at CardioDx. Outside of the office she has helped several early stage health tech startups to develop a reimbursement strategy. She graduated from Stanford University where she ran track and cross country, majored in Human Biology and was a Mayfield Fellow. Shannon will enroll at Harvard Business School in the fall.  

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