Educational Marketing: Teach your Customers to Gain More

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Do you have an awesome product or service but have difficulty getting the word out? Teaching is a great way to let potential customers know about your services. With all the available tools in todays marketplace allowing you to connect more easily with people online or offline, it's becoming almost a necessity to incorporate informative and educational programming into your regular marketing strategy.

We'll look at:
• Tools like Skillshare to run classes
• How to price your classes
• Giving an informative presentation
• Marketing materials
• Knowing your audience

An educated client/consumer is a happy client/consumer. It's not enough to simply sell a product and service you want them raving about it.
  • Educational Marketing: Teach your Customers to Gain More


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Digital agency
Nate has been an independent academic since February 2011. Before he worked for Apple Inc designing instructional materials for customers in the retail marketing department. He has designed product workshops for iPad and iPhone and trained employees on usage. He has also taught digital media at the University of California Santa Cruz
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