Crowdstorm: Find Huge Ideas with Big Online Groups

By ·Crowdstorm Author, Seed Investor & Founder Mutopo

Class Project

Crowdstorm a brief for you most important problem

This class is based on content from the Crowdstorm book, recently featured in publicatons like Fast Company, The Guardian and Huffington Post.

What You'll Do

You have used brainstorming to get good ideas.

What happens if you take brainstoming out of the conference room and move it online? What happens when if you brainstorm with thousands of participants?

We call this crowdstorming and leading firms like GE, P&G and LEGO already know the answer.

You can get the very best ideas and talent when you crowdstorm.

During our 3 module project, I’ll take you through a crowdstorm experience, so you’re ready to go out and lead your own crowdstorm (after 14 days). We’ll look at examples from large organizations like LEGO, GE, Starbucks and DARPA some smaller ones like Quirky, Triple8 and Giffgaff.

Launch Your Own Crowdstorm

I want you to leave the class, ready to put crowdstorming into action. So your project is simple: Identify a problem you really, really want to solve.

Then use the class materials to design the crowdstorm (brief, incentives, partners, process) to make it happen. We'll use the project space on skillshare to help you make your brief better. And in the process, you'll also experience a crowdstorm.

Yes, its very meta - we'll use crowdstorming to build your own crowdstorm. But most importantly, by the end of the class, you will have everything you need to start your own crowdstorm.  


For the top 3 projects, I’ll meet with you to help you get your crowdstorm launched. And we'll have a few surprise winners, who will get copies of the Crowdstorm book, too. 

Level: Beginner

Shaun Abrahamson

Crowdstorm Author, Seed Investor & Founder Mutopo

I’m an early stage investor, advisor, author and handyman. I’ve been fascinated with how to find and choose ideas, for as long as I can remember. This led me to my most recent project, Crowdstorm about how to work with large online groups to find and evaluate ideas (as well as plans, prototypes and partners).

For the last decade at Eigenvalue Fund I’ve been lucky to work with some of todays leading startups. At Mutopo I help large firms to work with online crowds and communities. Almost two decades ago (wow that makes me seem old) at the MIT CADLab, I helped build computer aided design tools using this new thing called the internet.

More recently I spent some time not being an engineer at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. I’ve taught at the Wharton School and New York University, talked at conferences like SXSW and SMW and contributed to publications like the Huffington Post and Economist Intelligence Unit.

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