Build a Killer Email List

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You Tweet like a pro, your Facebook page is daily stocked with inspirational quotes and Instagrams but are you overlooking what could be one of the most important tools in your digital arsenal for driving the actions you want your audience to take? 

It doesn't matter if you're a business or an individual with a film, event or mission. If you've got something to push, whether its a Kickstarter campaign to a opening to a product launch, a killer email list is the exact ingredient you need to rise above the competition.

You leave this class with the knowledge to get your own email initiative up and running, including these essential tips: 

  • Some of the major and most popular providers of email services
  • Crafty ways to push signups
  • Key industry terms and metrics like open rate, bounces, segmentation and split testing
  • The basics of crafting strong email blasts
  • Care and feeding of a killer lists
PLUS!! Every student will receive this awesome and handy, custom-made infographic with all of the key tips from the class for FREE!
  • Build a Killer Email List


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Amanda McCormick

I'm an experienced creative marketing professional with a huge passion for using digital media strategically to grow raving fan customers. I've built email initiatives and strong lists for companies like the British Tourist Board, the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the technology company SocialFlow, as well as my own consultancy, Jellybean Boom. I can't wait to show you how a strong email list will help you grow the profile of your business or creative project.  

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