Build Your Experience Brand: A How-To for Customer Impact & ROI

, SVP Brand Marketing at Jack Morton Worldwide

Building your brand is one of the best investments you can make in your developing business and customer relationships.

But your "brand" is not a noun; it's more than your company name, logo or ads. Today, your brand is a verb: it's how your customers, prospects, partners and (especially) employees interact with and experience your company. "Brand" is the totality of customer touchpoints and how effectively they deliver on the value that you, and you alone, promise to customers.

Building your brand today means building an experience brand.

This course gives you an overview of the whats, whys and how-tos of being an experience brand, including:

-- Latest research on how experience impacts consumers

-- Best practices for developing a strong experience brand (hint: it's not about how much you spend)

-- Case studies from leading experience brands


  • Build Your Experience Brand: A How-To for Customer Impact & ROI


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Liz Bigham

SVP Brand Marketing at Jack Morton Worldwide

As Director of Brand Marketing for Jack Morton Worldwide, I'm part of one of the world's leading brand experience agencies. I've thought long and hard about experience brand best practices and worked with some of the best practitioners and brands in the space. I've spoken about brand experiences at events on three continents and I'm a frequent blogger. Two recent articles involved commissioning global research about how and why experiences impact consumers in the US, UK, India, China, Brazil and Australia. Best of all, I'm passionate on this subject--I have a lot to say! 

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