How to Make a Living as a Creative Professional

, Award-winning sex educator, writer, and lecturer

Congratulations! You've turned your passion into a career. Now, take it to the next level. This intermediate course is intended for writers, comedians, designers, and other well-established creative professionals desiring to communicate their work's worth in a more focused, relevant, and income-generating manner. Let's work this out together. Refreshments provided.


  • Sculpt your resume or curriculum vitae to attract more paid opportunities
  • Write a bio that adequately captures the strength of your creative presence
  • Craft a compelling "about" page that makes the reader crave your work more
  • Discover the "Top 10 Must-Have Tools" needed in every artist's toolbox
  • Sharpen your understanding of your brand and keep it consistent across platforms
  • Use social media in your public/private life without damaging your personal brand or becoming hyperexposed
  • Earn more money for your creative talent

This interactive, bootcamp-style workshop mixes lecture and small group activities. Prior to start date, instructor will post to Google Drive career worksheets to be completed by registered students. Please arrive at the workshop with a printout of your current bio and a laptop or smart phone. By workshop's end, you'll have in hand: a revised personal bio, a beefed up "about" page, and resources to strengthen your online presence.

  • How to Make a Living as a Creative Professional

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    This course was designed with three major goals in mind:

    1. To give creatives the necessary tools to further develop as professionals, thus empowering you to expand influence and income
    2. To provide practical experience creating or sharpening the story describing you and your work
    3. To foster mutual learning between writers, designers, comedians, and others whose parents wish they’d get a real job

    Learning environment: Each student is responsible for maintaining positive, active participation throughout the workshop to ensure everyone benefits from their unique and valuable perspective. You are encouraged to respectfully disagree with classmates or the instructor when needed.


    • 30-minute lecture and overview of resource materials
    • 45-minute hands-on workshop and small-group discussions during which students practice skills
    • BREAK. Refreshments served (10-minutes)
    • 15-minute individual presentations by those wishing to publicly share re-worked career strategic plan
    • 20-minute Q&A, career worksheet review, and follow-up questions

    Content: How to Make a Living as a Creative Professional is a no-nonsense workshop to strengthen your brand and earn more income. Twanna provides practical tips for creating bios, resumes, media kits, websites, and press releases that streamline your voice and focus your efforts.

    Tue, February 19th, 2013

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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Twanna Hines

Award-winning sex educator, writer, and lecturer

Twanna A. Hines (curriculum vitæ) has 15 years experience in education.

Raised evangelical Christian in rural Illinois and Mississippi, she was a recipient of abstinence-only sex “education” programs. When she became sexually active at 22,  she lacked a basic understanding of human anatomy and sexual health. In 2005, strongly believing adults needed a space to discuss sex openly without fearing judgment, she built FUNKY BROWN CHICK®.

A writer providing social commentary on human sexuality and relationships, she has contributed to CNN, NPR, Sirius Satellite Radio, Lifetime, Nerve, New York Press, Fast Company magazine, and the Huffington Post as well as international outlets including CBC (Canadian National Radio) and Paris Première (French Television). Called one of “the internet’s sultriest sharers” by the Village Voice, details about her rendezvous have been printed in Glamour magazine. calls her the “straight-but-not-narrow” sex columnist. She has also appeared in TimeOut New York, The San Francisco Chronicle, EbonyJet, The Baltimore Sun, and elsewhere. AOL recognized her award-winning site FUNKY BROWN CHICK®. She is currently finishing her debut memoir.

A skilled, award-winning sex educator, she has received certified training in medically-accurate, evidence-based sex education. Respected in the field of interpersonal relationships and human sexuality, her comprehensive approach to education prepares individuals to participate in an increasingly interconnected world. Prior to moving to New York, she developed successful University of Chicago international education programs for high school students and professionals. She created an international journalism panel-discussion series on free speech which attracted an audience of +700 adults. Prior to that, she worked for the U.S. Department of State at the American Embassy in The Hague. Her commentary on immigration is included in the textbook “Migration and Immigration: A Global View.”

She enjoys passionate love affairs with far-away lands and intelligent men. Having lived in London, Chicago, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and The Hague, she is a nomad who speaks English and Dutch fluently.

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